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Maharashtra, India.

Vibrating Screen And Stone Crusher Bearings

Plain Sliding Bearings
Vibrating Screen And Stone Crusher Bearings

Vibrating Screen And Stone Crusher Bearings

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Developer, Service Provider of Vibrating Screen Bearings, Stone Crusher Bearings and our set up is situated in Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India.

OMT is a bearing research company, collaborate with universities and research groups and manufacturing of rolling and sliding bearings with advance material. OMT understand the changing requirements of the global bearings market. We only focus on application, cost and quality which satisfy main purpose.

Vibrating screen, Stone crusher and Compactor have inherent eccentric motion, bearings in these applications are subjected to very severe operating conditions. The shaking actions of vibrating equipment subjects the bearings to very heavy loads, including impact loads.

The bearing undergoes higher acceleration and impact load which result higher shaft and housing deflection. Also shaft expanded due to heavy temperature so that radial clearance in bearing significantly reduce. This requires the bearing to operate under subjected working condition.

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OMT studied bearing failure analysis in vibrating screen and stone crusher and developed the range of strong and robust spherical roller bearings for these applications.

OMT specially designed and developed bearing for vibrating screen, compactor and stone crusher and best perform in it, OMT bearing life is 2.2 time than other normal standard bearings and claimed 14 patents.

Great thanks to Mr. Uday Ghatage from Brain Chamber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and his team who help and support in this research.

For more detail please download bearing hand book and catalog.